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Laziness-Selfishness-Being easily influenceable


Because love is so misunderstood, there is less and less love and more and more fear because the majority of humans are (A)selfish, (B)lazy and (C)easily-influenceable. To understand why we must look for its root causes. Wanting to solve problems is like wanting to treat symptoms of an illness, it is insignificant.


To define the root causes we study the reasoning (the why) behind the choices humans made from the beginning of their existence to today. We understand what brought us to what

we are today.

Pure love - Fearful love
Saint Maurice -La Drôme - France
Saint Maurice -La Drôme - France

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Saint Maurice -La Drôme - France
Saint Maurice -La Drôme - France

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Les Trois Becs - La Drôme - France
Les Trois Becs - La Drôme - France

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Saint Maurice -La Drôme - France
Saint Maurice -La Drôme - France

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(A)Humans are wired to be selfish
Humans are selfish because our ancestors
survived living threats and natural catastrophic threats so far. By logic we conclude that humans are conditioned to make choices in a survival-mode.

Definition of selfishness
Selfishness = Taking > giving = serving self best interests > serving best interests of others

As we have become more civilized and adaptive we are less exposed to deadly threats.  Today the biggest threats are: lack of validation from others, lack of 
attention from others and lack of feeling important from others.

(B)Humans are wired to be lazy 
Humans are lazy because it originates from our
ancestor’s days of conserving energy for survival.
By logic we conclude that humans are programed to conserve, optimize and re-optimize energy because it allowed us to be more efficient in searching for food, finding shelter, competing for sexual partners, and avoiding predators.
Humans continuously fine-tune their movements in the most economical way possible as a purpose to keep energy costs low and put as little effort as 
possible into their daily tasks or choices. 

Definition of laziness
Laziness = Taking > giving =  gaining a maximum of  something + putting in a minimum of effort + as fast as possible + save energy

Today all can be obtained instantly through technology, online platforms and social media and all that to make our lives easier and save energy.
Tools, machines and devices for daily use  are constantly being improved  to make our lives even easier and make us even lazier.
As a result humans apply by default the same behaviour with love and believe that love is something we can get and that instantly and effortlessly with the touch of a button.

(C)Humans are easily influenceable
Most humans are easily influenceable because they are lazy and selfish. They don’t question the reality that is presented to them because it requires too much energy.

The foundation of mainstream media, movies, books, songs and social media is camouflaged laziness and selfishness. They distort love  and idealize it.  Love is presented as a cure or tool for all problems, pain, suffering and struggle. 

And because humans are lazy and selfish it is accepted as truth. People then develop unrealistic expectations. They are unconsciously being fed on a daily basis with this distorted idea of love that they become entangled in this chaotic idea of love . Rather than a journey, Love is seen as the ultimate goal or destination. Love is not something one can get, love is a lifetime process of becoming.

What is love today?
Where there is entanglement, pain or suffering is there love? Today, Love is more than ever wanted and at the same time more than often misunderstood.
Love is given excessively attention and yet love is less and less practiced because it is only processed on an intellectual level. Why? Fear.

There are only three big barriers that stand between love and fear: laziness, selfishness and being easily-influenceable.

Once we remove these barriers we become free and can fully taking responsibility for all of our daily choices.

The French Stone Heart is a reminder to practice pure love and give increase of life in body, mind and soul to everybody we come in contact with with the intent of serving the higher good.

Cascade de la Bruise - La Drôme - France
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